Growing your business

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My customer commitments

I believe the values we hold dear to us shape the way we do business and how we interact with our customers.  As a result I wanted to share with you my own values/ customer commitments:-

  1. I will always go the extra mile
  2. I will always do what I say
  3. I will always make it personal to you
  4. I will always provide you with help

I will continually review and aim to improve so that I can make life easier for all my customers.

I am fully committed to high standards of service, treating my customers fairly, helping you understand how I can add value and giving you a better understanding of the services I offer. 

It is also extremely important that you trust me to maintain high standards of confidentiality and integrity at all times.

I will always go the extra mile

This means I will always try and put myself in your shoes and see things from your perspective.  I also means I will aim to exceed your expectations, however high they may be.

I will always do what I say

For me this is all about delivering what I say, on time and budget.  It is also about keeping you informed and updated, even when there is nothing to tell you - I'll tell you there's nothing to tell you.

I will make it personal to you

I will show you that I am interested and I care about you and your business.  It is often better to listen more and talk less that way I can better understand your needs and ensure i treat you as an individual, never a number.

I will always provide you with help

This again is about listening and understanding your needs and providing options and possible solutions.  If I offer a solution it will be for no other reason than I believe it is right for you.  Equally, if I introduce you to someone else for some additional specialist help, it will be because I trust them to deliver on my values and commitments.